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Basic Facts about Financial Synergy

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Q: What is Financial Synergy? A: Financial Synergy is a CFP® Exam Prep Study Course coupled with an Online Study Group. It is a collaborative effort between Regent University and Wiley Efficient Learning, incorporating the best practices from the science of learning with the convenience of an asynchronous online learning environment.

Q: Who is Financial Synergy for?

A: The 2021 class will be limited to graduates of the Regent University Master of Arts in Financial Planning and Law Program PLUS a few scholarship awardees from outside the Regent University program. We plan to open Financial Synergy to a larger audience in the future.

Q: How is Financial Synergy different from the other CFP® exam prep courses already available?

A: Financial Synergy is focused on a team-centric approach to learning. Combining Regent University staff, CFP® professionals, the high-quality learning materials of Wiley Efficient Learning, and students with diverse experiences creates an effective learning environment that also inspires the confidence needed to succeed.

Q: What's this about scholarships?

A: The Military Financial Advisors Association is guaranteeing at least two seats in each class will be available for scholarship awardees outside the Regent University program. Preference will be shown to applicants with prior military service (including family members) or who intend to serve military families in their financial practice. Additional consideration will be shown to those with financial need and those with backgrounds historically underserved by the financial planning community.

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