Working together gets the job done.

Henry Ford

"If you think you can do a thing or you think you can't do a thing, you're right."

Financial Synergy

A CFP Exam Prep Course of Study

Passing the CFP Exam is a feat of great individual accomplishment. Studying for it doesn't have to be!

Clinical research into the science of human learning shows that people tend to learn better when working together in groups. Yet studying for the CFP exam is far too often a lonely adventure. You complete the education requirements and then you're on your own to find a way to pass the test. It can be discouraging.

That's where Financial Synergy is different. Using the cutting edge learning tools from Wiley Efficient Learning and adding experienced faculty from Regent University, Financial Synergy creates a collaborative community of learners working toward a common goal. 

The pilot program will launch in August 2021 and will be limited to graduates of the Regent University Master of Arts in Financial Planning and Law Program and the scholarship awardees selected by MFAA. Capacity will be added in future years to accommodate students from other programs.